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Russ is a man who loves people deeply, he is a husband, father and now a very happy grandfather. He loves good coffee, the deep woods, fills his research rooms with thousands of books…. and Indian motorcycles. Russ loves evangelism and feels this is the core of his life and mission, he is committed to bring discipleship content to millions and seeks to expose radical evil ....while unleashing the message and works of Jesus… Russ sees Jesus as 'the hero of humanity'.

An intense and avid researcher Russ has been to 5 schools and seeks to enroll in two more. He has built a research center to work out of and uses it to help write, speak and engage the issues that impact the world. He continues his research of prophecy that he sees as Prophetic 'Intel' -the future as God gives in scripture as it relates to the end of days and the beginning of forever.

As a 'demonologist' (a researcher of and 35 + years of doing 'exorcisms'- deliverance ministry) he has studied both the scriptures and has researched the underworld for over 40 years. This has led to the vast work he doing right now as he engages the underground of satanic ritual abuse (master race stuff), human trafficking and the global network of what the scripture calls THE MYSTERY OF LAWLESSNESS.

Coming out of the 60's into the 70's Russ was a rock n roll bar fighting seeker, consuming drugs, alcohol and searching through every door he could to find some meaning. He was a dabbler in dark occultism and a practitioner of golden Buddha meditation where he was trained in astral projection to seek the ascended masters.... Russ says "I sought to experience anything spiritually or supernatural and alternative I could ....I wanted to find something, some point for living this life."  But I didn't, instead I found myself on the edge of death and hell itself.... see more in the upcoming autobiography 'Once Blind'.

Russ Dizdar, was saved in 1975 started out in the AOG Church, was licensed to and then Ordained to the ministry October 1978 reformation Sunday at Green Baptist Church by the SBC. He has served as Sr. Pastor of 4 churches over a 30-year period. He was also a credentialed Ex. Director of Greater Akron Youth for Christ, a former Police Chaplain -UNIT 78 UAPD. He is (1982) Founder and now directs Shatter the Darkness, founded and continues to be a 'missionary' to the world by radio when he launched the RAGGED EDGE RADIO. He has preached in Churches and conferences across the USA, held training seminars and loves to do crusade evangelism. He has launched web sites and broadcasts messages that have been heard and downloaded in over 150 countries. The internet sites with the free teaching/seminar audio courses, radio archives and conference training have been downloaded worldwide as of 2019 over 75 million times- audios ( MP3s).

Russ has been on many radio stations for interviews most of which are archived on the web, appeared on TV (Prophecy in the News) and has spoken in over 100 conferences in the last decade. Russ has spoken and presented sessions at conferences across the USA and is now launching out to Switzerland and Australia. He has launched REEP mission trips in over 90 cities and mission research trips into France in 2012, Germany and then Poland.

Russ has studied at Cumberland College in Biblical Studies, the University of Akron in Criminology and Military science, spent 2 1/2 years at Moody Bible Evening School and in 1984 went through graduating services for a BA in Religion/Philosophy at Malone College, with advanced studies in Theology, Apologetic s and Greek.

He has studied at Emerge counseling center...the Basics of Biblical Counseling, Crisis Counseling and various other counseling training there. He continued training in Nouthetic Counseling, Theosophics, Wise Counsel, Mind Control deprogramming and Exit Counseling. Russ went on to Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy (OPOTA), UAPD police training, DEFTEC law enforcement training in advanced occult and cult crimes. Over dozen specialized Occult/satanic crimes training seminars including those with Tom Wedge law officer, trainer and author of the book 'The Satan Hunter'.

He has also been to many training conferences and seminars including those on Satanic Ritual Abuse, SRA-MPD-DID, Mind Control, Spiritual Warfare, Abduction Research, Deliverance, Evangelism and other various fields. Youth for Christ USA training in leadership, evangelism and youth ministry, International Police Chaplin's courses, Navigators discipleship, Master Life and Master Builders discipleship/leadership training. Church leadership, church growth and other seminars, courses and conferences in Church related leadership, management and development.

Russ currently seeks to master NT Greek vocabulary, NT manuscripts and Systematic Theology. Current studies include Private Investigation (at a Security Firm), Criminal Profiling-Forensics and Intelligence-threat analysis.

He has written and taught 14 college level courses locally over the last 30 years. A major course he has taught is 'Preemptive Systematic Theology' and offers these courses as Internet as external learning on the web (all free).

Russ is author of the books 'THE BLACK AWAKENING: Rise of the satanic super soldier, EXPELLING DARKNESS, four training workbooks including the one with a verse by verse study on THE BOOK - REVELATION. With new books soon to be released: R1919: The real reason for Armageddon, AUGMENTED: master race or counterfeit to the coming race of immortals.  (update to the Black Awakening and Seeing into The Future. Soon ONCE BLIND: but now I see and IN YOUR FACE (encounters with demonic powers and presence will come asap.  See them here.

Once blind tells his life story: .... "None of the finite spirits or counterfeit spirituality led me to God. It was only when a man so filled with the Spirit of God unleashed on me the love, power and message of Jesus Christ that I found my answer".

When I accepted-received the living Christ into my life in September 1975 the blinders came off and the presence, power and love of God came in. The clarity between the deception of darkness (even when masqueraded as light) and the truth that is in Jesus filled my life and changed it forever! It's not a religion, not a set of's an awesome relationship with GOD, knowing God is not only possible, God loves you and wants you.

It is the living Jesus who came 2000 years ago fulfilling hundreds of prophecies, He was foretold in prophecy, conceived and born unlike anyone else in human history. He lived free from sin and evil, showed us what God is, does and says. He now gives to all who come to Him His power, new life, help and the presence of the coming (glorification) …..indestructible, irreversible immortality. He came seeking us/you and I and no one wants us more than God does. 1 Timothy 2

He came to conquer radical evil, sin, death, hell and satan. He went to the Cross... died, rose from the dead and ascended to heaven from where He came. He is the Living Savior....Alive right now, seeking you also and is coming back soon. Read the supernatural living Words that the Spirit of God has given to all humanity. The Book of John.

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Russ has spoken in over 100+ conferences in the last 10 years and has 6 more for 2019.
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Russ is a 'BROADCAST MISSIONARY' doing cross cultural mission broadcast on an international level, the radio program is called THE RAGGED EDGE RADIO WORLDWIDE. It focuses  on current issues, the rise of radical evil, on evangelism and teaching. Archives from live shows and courses are heard in over 150 nations. Other web sites are:

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Russ Dizdar